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This website is to assist Bahá’ís and those in relationships or marriages with Bahá’ís to turn to Bahá’í administrative bodies for guidance and help and to apply Bahá’í teachings on relationships and marriage in their lives. The site also has Marriage Transformation® content which may be helpful.

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Rearing Children to Honor Marriage and
Developing Bahá’í Identity in Your Child

"...[T]he provision of guidance on administrative matters such as the laws of engagement, marriage, and divorce falls under the purview of Local and National Spiritual Assemblies...." (On behalf of the Universal House of Justice to an individual, September 24, 2014)

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Parents (and grandparents and aunts and uncles and children's class teachers...) are wondering how to rear children to believe in and respect:

  • marriage
  • parents
  • family

Obviously our example as parents is a major and vital component! The better we maintain our marriages, the more successful we will be at achieving the above goals. Research clearly shows that children are happier and more successful when they are reared in a low-conflict home with their two biological parents who are in a healthy marriage.

The quality of your marriage is a gift you give yourselves and your children!
(and all of humanity)

Articles on Parenting and Marriage in Brilliant Star Magazine:

You may also wonder how to rear your child to have a firm Bahá’í identity. See below.

Attention: Parents (and grandparents and aunts and uncles and children's class teachers...)

One simple way to help all of the above is to create customized books for your child as he or she goes through the early years of life (generally useful up to age 9). Marriage Transformation has done all the foundation work for you - simply do some editing of the content and add your own photos of the child and the child's family and activities.

Below are links to Microsoft Word 2007 and Adobe pdf files to help you do these book creation projects well.

A Child's Bahá’í Identity Book (My Name is XXX, and I'm a Bahá’í)


Book with footnotes of quotations

Book without footnotes

Compilation of footnotes (quotations that are foundation principles of book)

Samples of customization

Extra graphics

My Name is XXX, and I Am Happy

Customizable Book


It is also vital for parents to rear their children to have excellent characters. An important resource for you is The Virtues Project,


Older Children

Discussion Guide for Parents About Dating, Courting, Character, Chastity, and Consent (downloadable pdf file)


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