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This website is to assist Bahá’ís and those in relationships or marriages with Bahá’ís to turn to Bahá’í administrative bodies for guidance and help and to apply Bahá’í teachings on relationships and marriage in their lives. The site also has Marriage Transformation® content which may be helpful.

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Note: The interactive learning videos and games linked from this page have been developed by an organization called The Power of Two™ (builds online marriage/relationship help tools) with a US government grant. They are suitable for married and unmarried couples. They build love, unity, positive communication skills, and marriages, all spiritual goals, but there is no religious content. Some are animated, and some use real people. Some are specifically addressed to a high-risk population, so characters may be unmarried and pregnant. The Bahá’í Faith's teachings focus on chastity before marriage and sex and pregnancy after marriage, although of course everyone is simply doing their best to achieve these standards. Please focus on the skill-building opportunities in the videos no matter what your circumstances are.

These videos were provided to Marriage Transformation at no charge as a service. Please share with us whether you find them helpful:

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Focus Area
Interactive Videos
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Decision Making:
Choose Your Own Story Line
Day Out
The Apartment

Support Skills
Support Skills

Listening Skills
Video 1- (3) Different Story Lines
Video 2- (3) Different Story Lines
Video 3- (3) Different Story Lines

Communication Skills
Under the Weather
Low Deal Larry
Some Friend
Awww Mom
The Big Party:
Bumping into the Ex
Loud Friends
Going Bananas
Waiting Room

Shared Decision Making
Saving Sasquatch
(Consultation Skills)
Attack of the Momma Bird
(Animated-includes a game)
Escape from the Mad Scientist
Close Encounters
Save Our Ship
Jungle Adventure
Escapade in Egypt
Ride 'em Cowboy
Zombie Attack

Handling Anger and
Preventing Conlict
What to Do When You Are Mad!
(Wrong Coffee)
What to Do When You Are Mad!
(New TV)
What to Do When You Are Mad!
(Fender Bender Car Accident)
What to Do When You Are Mad!
(Cable TV Bill)
I'm Just Trying to Help
Not This Again
What Did I Say
What Just Happened
What the ?!?!
Set Your Anger Ceiling Low

New Dad Series
Baby Crying
(Includes Games)
Baby's Mom

New Dad Series
Baby Crying
(Includes Games)
Baby's Mom

Interactive Quizzes
Decision Making, Communication, Emotions, Positivity, Satisfaction
Relationship Quiz
Preventing Conflict
Fighting Quiz
Money Habits & Attitudes
Finance Quiz
Infidelity Quiz
Family Facts
Family Facts Quiz
Relationship Safety
Domestic Violence Quiz

Arcade Games
Communication Skills
At the Park
At the Movies

Note for Teens: There is a video called My Paper Boyfriend and other resources about relationships aimed at improving teen relationships and preventing teen pregnancy accessible at
Additional teen relationship resources are available at


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